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We're always interested to hear about where you'd like to charter next so let us know if there is somewhere you've just got to get to and we'll happily investigate your options.  Distant shores are always calling and trust us - we understand, plus some destinations are dreams simply awaiting the right yacht....The Society Islands of French Polynesia, Friendly Islands of Tonga, Fiji, Australia's Whitsunday Islands, New Zealand, Thailand's Andaman Sea, or Indonesia.........the Big Blue is like no other holiday! Love Life Aquatic xoxo

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Luxury crewed yacht charters

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Emma Murdoch 

Director/Senior Charter Yacht Broker

Big Blue Yacht Charters Worldwide Inc.​

Vancouver, Canada (+1) 778 928 4941

Surrey, United Kingdom (+44) (0) 7496 039555


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Luxury crewed yacht charters

​​Canada  (+1) 778 928 4941                           

uk (+44) (0) 7496 039 555 


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Big Blue Yacht Charters Worldwide was founded in 2014 to provide clients access to and the enjoyment of the luxury crewed yacht charter experience, working only with professional luxury charter yachts and crews worldwide that have been viewed and interviewed for quality assurance. The mission of Big Blue is to provide exceptional service to clients by sourcing the finest luxury charter yachts available globally, to meet and exceed client expectations in efforts that they may truly enjoy their charter yacht holiday - anywhere.  

Big Blue is proud to work with charter yacht industry professionals who deliver exceptionally high levels of service, skill and knowledge in their positions aboard and in support of the charter yacht experience. Big Blue only represents Client interests and aims to personally attend all embarkations. 

​Striving to tailor the luxury crewed yacht charter experience to her clients preferences from yacht specs and itinerary to cuisine, amenities, pace and style, Emma truly enjoys being of service to her clients before, during and long after returning ashore.  Emma has worked in the yachting industry since 2004, aboard as a professional chef worldwide. Prior to this Emma had a successful airline management career both of which lend a wide scope of knowledge and experience to ensure no detail is overlooked.  

Emma is a proud member of the Professional Yachting Association, Charter Yacht Brokers' Association, Boating BC, European Committee for Professional Yachting, is a CYBA Certified Charter Yacht Broker, MYBA E-Contracts Subscriber and Charter Seminar Certified, holds UK Maritime Training Academy Diplomas in both Super Yacht Operations and Super Yacht Management as recognized by the University of Portsmouth, UK and holds a UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) Ships' Cook (CoC) licence.​​

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