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1) ​Please be aware, that there will be times onboard luxury crewed yacht charters

when you may need to comply with the requests of the Captain and Crew, not only for your safety but their safety too.

2) Keeping clear of operational areas at critical times
• Bridge - the captain may wish to have space when manoeuvring

• Anchoring - the forecastle and cable working spaces
• Berthing - the bollards and areas where lines are being passed
• Boat/side deck - when boats are being launched
• Garage - when ‘'Toys” are deployed
• Passerelle/gangway - remain clear until fully rigged

3) Proximity to water
• Can all the guests swim, and if so how far? 

• Forecastle and bathing platform may be unsafe when under way
• Upper deck access may be restricted late at night

4) Transfers and Tenders
• Perhaps the time of greatest risk - to dignity as well as safety

• Judging movement of a tender may be tricky
• Take extra time and care when late or dark
• Wear a life jacket if asked or if unsure
• Conform to the request of the helmsman
• Sit down at all times
• Take care to keep arms and legs in the boat
• Let the crew fend off
• In fast tenders and RIBs (Rigid-Inflatable Boats) use the suspension seats whenever possible

• Be aware of potential injury from slamming
• Use toe straps and seatbelts where provided
• Avoid sitting on ‘tubes’ where possible​

​5) Height and ladders
• Remain within guardrails and bulwarks
• Take care on ladders - the yacht will be moving
• Treads and decks may be wet - and slippery

6) Swimming
• Only when permitted by the captain
• Avoid intakes
• Avoid exhausts
• Avoid discharges
• Conform to the safety procedures
• Wait for the bathing platform or tender to be ready
• Wait for safe egress
• Diving off superstructure is hazardous
• Hitting other people in water below
• Hitting superstructure or ship’s side
• Entering water badly
• Awareness of stinging animals and fish

​7) Use of Toys
• Wait for the ‘beach’ or garage operations to complete
• Wear a ‘kill’ cord
• Accept any training gracefully - it's mandatory
• Take any certificates already achieved
• Remain within the designated areas
• Exceeding limits may result in fines
• Be mindful of speed
• Wear appropriate protection
• Body armour/shields/gloves
• Goggles/glasses
• Personal safety equipment must be used
• Lifejackets
• Personal locator beacons ( if available)
• VHF transceivers (in larger boats or personal watercraft)
• UV skin protection, hat, back of neck cover, UVA UVB sunglasses on the water​​