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Cuisine is the fuel that powers your fitness program, and yacht chefs are fully prepared to
provide gourmet meals that somehow manage to be healthy as well. Choose macrobiotic, gluten-free, dairy-free, alkaline, vegan, vegetarian, juicing and smoothies to cleanse and get yourself back on track; your chef will prepare and serve your meals with five-star élan.

A luxury yacht is perfect for your fitness program, because you’re floating in one of Mother Natures’ best resource for health and fitness. Swimming daily, whether you’re snorkelling, diving or just paddling around is a total-body workout!

While they call them “water toys”,
most yachts carry kayaks or stand-up paddle boards, and both are more than fun: they’re excellent exercise as well. Paddle around a beautiful anchorage - exploring and exercising - while your crew keeps a watchful eye over your location.

Your luxury charter also takes you to destinations where you can expand your fitness program ashore with bicycling, jogging, hiking, beach sports like volleyball, or power-walking on beautiful beaches (great for the legs!) plus strolling the chic waterfront boutiques has benefits too. 

​Modern charter yachts are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art fitness equipment, often with dedicated gym areas. Whether you want to tone your physique, flatten your stomach, detox your system or simply rejuvenate your body and soul, there’s nowhere better than a private luxury charter yacht. There are three important points to weigh up when considering a charter with fitness in mind: facilities, cuisine and experience.

Big Blue will happily advise you on what various yachts have a board for your fitness training. If you’re already familiar with exercise equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, or stair climbers, you’ll easily continue your existing fitness program. Many yachts have a personal trainer aboard, who can create the perfect program to fit your needs and time aboard.

Consider where the gym is located on the yacht, too. Many are placed in glass-enclosed or waterfront areas so you can enjoy spectacular views while exercising. Some have sliding doors for fresh air, and some are located in a dedicated stern compartment with a fold-down platform so you can cool off with a quick swim. Each yacht will have different levels of equipment, so let Big Blue help select just the right charter yacht for you. 

The experience and training of the crew is critical and, again, Big Blue has profiles, information and the yacht specs, often also  knowing many of the crew personally. The trend has been for crew members to have talents in addition to their shipboard duties, and these might include certified massage therapist, personal trainer, yoga and Pilates. Be clear about your expectations and make them known to us; at Big Blue we're listening to you.

​Don’t forget the wonderful onshore spas in many charter destinations. Your Chief Stewardess can arrange reservations and help you review the service selections. When choosing a charter yacht, you should also consider the “après-workout” facilities. Spend an hour exercising and there’s nothing better than a steam shower right in your own master suite, or perhaps a sauna. How about a hot stone or deep tissue massage stretched out on a table covered with thick towels? And then later, perhaps under the stars, a soak in a warm whirlpool spa and have a flute of icy champagne to celebrate your health.

The fitness choices now available to the charterers of luxury yachts are almost endless, with such unusual offerings as acupuncture and yoga, a small industry has sprung up to offer fitness programs specifically for guests on luxury yachts. Some of these put a trainer on board to tailor your program or plan a week-long retreat or, if there is an extra cabin, you can bring your own trainer. Whatever you need, from toning up to losing a few pounds, you’ll find the perfect charter yacht and destination for your needs. Just be prepared to explain to your friends how you achieved such healthy heights while on holiday!

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Imagine going on a holiday where you dine on gourmet cuisine daily, and yet you return home in better condition than you started. Welcome to luxury crewed yacht charters, where health and decadence blend seamlessly.