​​If you like a place, stay a while maybe go for a dip then move along to the next bay, find another paradise.  With the right charter yacht you can plan to go anywhere in the world and to places that are out of reach by any other form of transport.  It's natural for people to be on the seas moving to the next horizon, the next shore, the next adventure.  In a secluded anchorage or in the middle of the ocean the sky is so clear and dark you can actually see the millions of stars in our skies: the Big Blue is like no other holiday! 

Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a family adventure or a couple’s break with your best friends, a yacht charter will make it a holiday for the record books. But check out these insider tips to make it your best trip ever.

Book ahead for big events.

Holidays and special events are in high demand and often booked a season in advance. Your answers to where and when you want to go on your charter need not be ironclad unless you have a specific event in mind, such as Monaco for the Grand Prix or St. Barts for New Year’s Eve, both best enjoyed by yacht. If one of these stellar events is on your travel must-do list, make sure you let Big Blue know in advance. We can assure you’ll get the right yacht to match your dream trip.

Be open to new ideas.

While you can go nearly anywhere on your travel wish list with luxury crewed yacht charters, it’s good to have an open mind as Big Blue can suggest options and alternatives you might have overlooked. Sure, the Med and Caribbean will always be popular and for good reason. But you might enjoy other areas you never considered, such as New England which can be beautiful in the autumn or even as far a field as New Zealand and Patagonia, where November through to January are the best times to go. 

Who is in your charter party?

In order to have the best charter ever, think ahead about how many guests you plan to have and what kind of trip this is; family, friends, a mixture? Or a romantic getaway for two? Whatever the type of vacation desired, there’s a yacht out there for you, but knowing who you’ll be travelling with in advance can help make finding the right yacht easier. On most yachts, the maximum number of charter guests allowed by law is 12. If you have a larger party, Big Blue will source a yacht that is registered to handle more than 12 guests i.e. SOLAS classed. Also discuss the number of separate cabins and beds required. Some yachts have planned space for supernumeraries not counted as guests such as a nanny, a nurse, security guard, trainer or a personal assistant.

Think ahead about your toy wish list.

The toys available on yachts today run the gamut. Think snorkel equipment as minimum and up to submarine, with everything in between including jet skis, windsurfers, sailing dinghies, wave runners, SeaDoos and water slides. It’s probably not surprising that the larger the yacht, the larger the toy selection - and the bigger boats even count helicopters and cars among their “toy collection”. For the avid scuba diver, many yachts have their own facilities, or will offer rendezvous diving. A charter yacht is the ideal platform for divers - and to learn diving as well - as you take your luxury accommodation with you as you sail to the most amazing dive locales in the world, many that are sublimely free of tourists. For those who prefer above surface water sports there will be much to enjoy, either way at the end of your sportive day you can retire to your super yacht in style. 

Heed your Charter Broker and Captain’s advice.

The number of ports you can visit will be determined by the speed of the yacht, weather conditions and availability in a particular marina or harbour. Entering certain ports may also be restricted by the size of the yacht or its flag. Some harbours require pilots; some anchorages require permits. Both need to be arranged in advance. Big Blue can advise you, bearing in mind that we and the crew can arrange most things, except the weather!

How connected do you want to be?

Will you need Internet access and satellite communications while on board? Do you or your children have entertainment preferences, such as a PlayStation or Nintendo Wii? (Honestly there will be plenty of real world experiences for them to enjoy too!) Many favourites can be stocked if requested in advance. If the yacht is iPhone compatible, bring your own tunes along. Yachts are similar to boutique hotels, the amenities on board truly cover all the bases, plus you’ll be busy exploring and enjoying the wonders of the natural world afloat!​​

LUXURY CREWED YACHT CHARTERS - Welcome to the Charter Set​

The ultimate in privacy, freedom and luxury, yacht charters are amazing experiences. ​There are few holidays that can compare with luxury crewed yacht charters. Here are a few tips to make sure it’s the best trip yet! 

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